I'll never forget that they prayed for me

Oct 8, 2020 | by Conni & Donald

In 1954, Donald was honorably discharged from the US Army, Fort Carson (Camp Carson). Instead of returning to his hometown in North Dakota he decided to stay in Colorado Springs. He quickly found a job but all the funds he had saved went to securing a place to live. "I was hungry, and my first payday was a week away", he said. Donald went on, "I didn't know what to do. Somebody told me that The Salvation Army would help me. I went to them, told them my situation and they welcomed me in. They fed me but what I remember most is that they prayed with me. I never forgot that." 

"Sixty-five years later, he would tell that story and it was just as vivid to him as it is had happened the day before." Conni, Donald's daughter confesses. "My father was an amazing man, a wonderful father and husband and great friend to all, but most of all he was a deeply religious person, he lived his faith and drew his strength from it. He lived a rich, blessed life and in 2019 he went to be with his Lord. I know over the years, he made donations to the Salvation Army. When it came time for us to donate funds, in his memory, The Salvation Army was an obvious choice." 

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