An Army for others.

An Army for others

Why the Uniform?

The Salvation Army uniforms are not very stylish. In fact, they often get us mistaken for Airline Pilots. But we are honored to wear them as an outward sign of our calling, to care for the lost, feed the hungry, and comfort the hurting. They remind us that we represent something larger than ourselves. We are an Army on the front lines and we’re fighting with love.

Why Officers?

William Booth, the founder of The Salvation Army said “we are a volunteer army” in 1878. As such, The Salvation Army is designed with officers in leadership. Though we started as volunteers, over the last 150 years, The Salvation Army has grown into a multinational organization with volunteers, full-time staff and officers that serve those most in need.

What Does an Officer Do?

Gives a hand up for those in need

Spreads the Gospel, teaches how to apply it, and shares God's Word

Helps others overcome hardships

Officer Training College

Because our officers function as directors of our business units, we require them to complete a two-year year program at our accredited Training College. This program includes nonprofit management, business administration, and theological training. Upon graduation, they are ordained as Salvation Army Officers and sent out on their first assignment in a local community.

Join the battle. Fight with love.

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