Denver man goes out of his way to get food to neighbors in need

Oct 8, 2020 | by Sean Towle

DENVER -- The past months have definitely been a test of wills and survival across our area. During that time, yes, we've seen the bad, but it's also brought out a lot of good. And one Denver man is showing others what being a neighbor is all about.

Once a week, Elias Salgado stops off at the Salvation Army Red Shield in Denver for food, but none of the food is for him.

“We’re so happy here. To get some food for the families, they need it,” he said.

Pre-pandemic, Salgado was actually spending his own money to deliver food to families that needed it.

During the pandemic, he found out about the Salvation Army food box program. So he's now gone from four to more than ten families he delivers to.

“It’s important for me because there’s people that want some. People want some food. If they don’t have the money or a lot of money, I will stop to do this. Just do it, you know. I like to do it,” Salgado said.

He goes all over the city, from house to house.

All out of the goodness of his heart, asking for nothing in return. Making time when others might not.

“Yeah I take days off from work to do this,” he said.

To help his community one box of food at a time.

“I won’t stop. I won’t stop for nothing. I’ll do it and do it,” Salgado said.

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