By God's Grace, We are Lending a Hand

Oct 15, 2020 | by Tina Morin

 The Butte Salvation Army, by God's grace, has been privileged to help a great many wonderful Buttians.  

We have had the privilege to help a Native American man, homeless for more than 20 years, find a home and experience a blessed Christmas with his first new Christmas gifts since he was 12 years old.  

We have helped a single mother with five boys get to Seattle for a surgery for one of her boys.  

We have provided new snow tires to a father trying to get to an out of town job.  

We have provided emergency shelter to a homeless couple with their elderly dog when the Rescue Mission was full.  

We have provided a bus ticket for the stranded homeless man trying to get home to family to start anew.  

We have provided rental assistance to the single mom to get her into a home so her children could come home to her.  

We have paid the storage fee for a family to be able to retain their family treasures while they transitioned into permanent housing.     

The Butte Salvation Army, again through God's provision, has paid rent to keep many families from experiencing homelessness and many, many utility bills so people will have heat and water. We have paid for cell phone plans so people can stay connected to family and look for jobs. And we have prayed with every single person desiring to call out to God and know His presence. The miracles have been numerous and the joy immense.  We are excited about a future where the Butte Salvation Army continues to be God's hands and feet and where we have the honor to shine His light to Butte.

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