The Salvation Army Responds to California Wildfires

Jul 28, 2018 | by Kathy Lovin

Salvation Army Capt. Rio Ray is our Incident Commander at the #CarrFire, which is turning out to be one of the worst fires in California history. "Eight hundred and ten homes and structures were lost. That's a huge number and we need to be there for those as they rebuild."

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The Carr Fire continues to burn in Shasta County in near Redding, California. 

The Salvation Army Emergency Disaster Services teams are currently providing emotional and spiritual care as well as meals, snacks and drinks to evacuees and first responders in the affected areas.

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Captain Timothy Danielson is the Corps Officer (pastor)  in Redding California. 

The Carr FIre "went from a small little fire to now, at last count, it’s at 112,000 acres. And, over 1,000 homes burned. [In-kind] good are great to help people in the short term but the money’s what helps us serve people in the local area for the long term."

"It helps us help them in ways that we can’t. Like, I can’t go turn in food to help someone pay their electric bill or to help them get goods for their home. There’s a hashtag out there that says Stronger Than Carr - #StrongerThanCarr and the reality is that this community is very strong. I would just say, keep being strong as a community. We’ve seen that already; people stepping up who have already lost their homes, helping other people, giving people clothes that they need themselves. It’s wonderful to see.”

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You can give to support our relief efforts at

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