Forever Thankful

Jun 3, 2016 | by Kathy Lovin

My husband said I’d never make it. That's how he tried to keep me from leaving with our daughter.

"We moved to the US from the Czech Republic with our daughter Sofia. My husband dreamed of starting a restaurant but once we got here things started to go bad. Very bad.

He was so focused on the business that he completely forgot about me and Sofia. It was all about money. He was emotionally — but not physically — abusive.

After a year, I decided to leave him.

When I left I didn’t have a job or even a driver’s license so we moved to The Salvation Army shelter.

I quickly got a job in an assisted living center and The Salvation Army helped me save money for my first apartment.

Now I can do what I used to do when I lived in Europe. I’m teaching Czech — my own language — and German online with a company that has a contract with the Air Force.

Even though my ex-husband told me I wouldn’t make it on my own, with The Salvation Army’s help, I can.

I’ll be forever thankful to The Salvation Army. I had no idea how many resources we’d find here.”

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