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COVID-19 Video Update: Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Centers
April 11, 2020
Commissioners Hodder visit a Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center, where the addiction recovery program continues, in spite of coronovirus hardships.
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COVID-19 Video Update: Food Assistance in a 'Food Desert'
April 9, 2020
Commissioner Hodder visits the Siemon Center in South Los Angeles, where a massive food assistance program is underway.
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COVID-19 Video Update: How to Text Your Donation
April 8, 2020
Texting is a quick way you can make a financial gift to support the work of The Salvation Army during the Coronavirus crisis.
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COVID-19 Video Update: Commissioner Hodder Talks About the New National Hotline
April 7, 2020
Commissioner Kenneth G. Hodder shares information about the new national hotline you can call if you're in need. Call 844-458-HOPE to speak to someone.
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