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How Can I Make The Most of my Life - Part 2 Image

How Can I Make The Most of my Life - Part 2


Week 7 - How can I make the most of my life? Part 2

Purpose in the Church

  • The church was created to be a community that regularly meets to accomplish God’s mission on earth.  The church is primarily regular followers of Jesus that huddle up at the beginning of the week to spiritually serve each other, so they can serve others.
  • Naturally then, we must rely on the whole church to create the best experiences for everyone that comes to meet with our church community. Most of what happens in a Church is accomplished by volunteers. They’re not so many people serving the organization, but rather “partners” in the same mission of God.
  • It’s so important for people following Jesus to engage in a role within the church. It’s not the only way to serve, but it is a crucial way to serve.


  • Spiritual needs are of primary importance for every area of our lives. From manual labor to teaching, there are a variety of roles to help provide the best possible weekly experience for any guest to encounter Jesus.
  • Serving side-by-side is one of the best ways to develop meaningful relationships.
  • Please direct your group members to check out the different ways they can get involved at your Corps. 


  • Most of us generally understand our gifting already through our many years of trial and error, skill development, and career experience. What few of us understand is how those skills, talents, and natural passions can contribute to the mission of God. That takes a lot of creativity as we embrace God’s mission as our own. Your group is a great starting place for discussions surrounding that. Feel free to do the ones that they recommend in the facilitator’s guide and have your group report back their findings. For some groups that might be a really helpful starting place.

Here is an additional resource that could help your group understand how God has created us. Maybe consider it as something worth exploring as a group.

Spiritual Gifts Assessment

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