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how does god speak to us?


Week 3 - How does God speak to us?

This week you will be able to set the stage for an intimate, relational, and transformational prayer experience, by creating space for an honest discussion about each individual's journey with prayer.  Receive each group member's experiences of hearing, or not hearing God's voice with grace and truth. 

There should be openness in your group to share and be honest about what stumbling blocks they have experienced with prayer in the past.  Hopefully, at the end of this week, they will be able to understand God's great desire to have a personal and intimate relationship with them through His Word and prayer.

Don't forget:

  • Have 2 people share their story
  • Remind the group about the details of your prayer experience and fasting
  • Consider who God is calling up in the group as a leader for small groups or Rooted.

Preparation for the Prayer Experience

  • The Prayer Experience is typically the most dramatic turning point in your group. Do your best to prioritize this experience and do whatever you can to get everyone there. Plan out the way you’re going to begin the experience: choosing passages to read and praying together as a group.
  • Consider fasting as a group. Agree on the duration and what’s still on the table. I typically choose to go from dinner to dinner and allow all liquids.  Fasting is all about controlling our desires. When we choose to willfully overpower a desire for something we need (like food), we’re more capable of controlling our willpower over something we only want. Especially in those moments of fasting, we can realize just how much our hunger is spiritual.
  • When we satisfy our spiritual needs in focused connection with God through prayer, we can better tell the difference between our physical hunger and spiritual hunger. And we’ll find that the second one is surprisingly stronger. There are more notes in the Facilitator’s Guide appendix.

Please make sure you visit the Prayer Experience Section on the home page, there is good information about that very special day.

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