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Week 2  - WHO IS GOD?

A few reminders...

  • A great Rooted Facilitator is an excellent listener.
  • Rooted may be the only place where your group member feels truly heard.
  • Foster that kind of dialogue and honor the covenant.
  • Validate your group member’s perspectives, while leading people toward truth.
  • Point them to the Bible, but understand we all have baggage, especially related to this question.
  • Allow people to be honest, even if you’re uncomfortable with their perspective. Your conversation will help lead you toward a better view for everyone.
  • Don’t teach. Listen and seek to understand.
  • Ask follow-up, clarifying, and open-ended questions.

Notes for This Week

We will become like the God we worship. Don’t miss the opportunity here. This might seem really basic, but it’s consistently worth revisiting who we’re actually talking about when it comes to the God we claim to worship. This might be the most important week for someone in your group.

  • Reflect on your own misconceptions about God.
  • The parental figures in someone’s life will affect a person’s view of God.
  • Be sensitive to the potential scars that you don’t know about yet.
  • Jesus is the perfect representation of God’s character (Hebrews 1:3).
  • Story Sharing

Group members will begin sharing their faith stories. Around 2-3 people should share their stories each week (over the next 10 weeks) until all have been shared. For Week 2, a leader should be the first to model this.


While group members share their stories, leaders should take notes. This will be helpful for prayers throughout and especially on Week 10.

  • Pray with one another
  • Be sure to share requests with one another and pray for each other. If possible, try to pair off with one another.
  • Please watch the video
  • If you need assistance with this, please contact