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Congratulations on accepting the call to lead a Rooted group. It can be a life-changing event for you—as well as the members of your group – if you allow it to be. This Facilitator’s Guide will provide you with practical information to successfully lead a group, but your ultimate guide will be the Holy Spirit. Much of your growth and the success of your group will be based on your ability to hear and obey God’s direction in your efforts.

You must begin with the end in mind. What does the end look like for a Rooted facilitator?

  • First, the next ten weeks should change you. No matter where you are with your relationship with God, if you pour yourself into Rooted, you will be different!
  • You will help the members of your group connect with God like never before, especially through sharing their stories, the prayer experience, and the serve experience.
  • You will help everyone in your group realize they have a story written by God, especially for them, and that their story is a powerful tool for Kingdom building.
  • Your group will bond together in such a way that Rooted will not be the end, but rather the beginning of what will become a small group.
  • You will start the process of training up leaders—for Rooted groups, small groups, and any other sphere of God’s kingdom that He is asking them to step into and lead.
  • The greatest tool you will have to lead a successful Rooted group is prayer. Don’t skimp on this. God will get your attention regularly during Rooted with specific impressions, concerns, or directions for your group.
  • The telling of stories is truly significant in the growth of Rooted groups. Sharing them should be part of your weekly time together. Start by sharing your story in Week 1 then encourage these stories to be shared as part of every week’s gathering.
  • Please take time to listen to the Training below.  Of course, if you have any questions, please contact us at