Surabaya Boy's Home  


In Indonesia, poverty in remote areas is rampant. Families struggle to provide food for their children and often the closest schools are far away. Children in these families are sometimes abandoned or fall victim to traffickers who falsely promise to provide shelter and care for them near schools. Without a formalized foster care system in place, children in Indonesia who have been abandoned, abused, and rescued from trafficking rings need a safe place where they are cared for, protected, and given the opportunity to thrive despite the challenges they have faced.

The Salvation Army's Surabaya Boy's Home provides a safe space for children with nowhere else to go.

Under the care of The Salvation Army, the children are provided with nutritious meals, clothing, medical support, counseling, and shelter. They have access to good quality schools with excellent teachers and are taught life skills training in animal husbandry and t-shirt and mug printing. 

Sponsorship directly provides for the needs of the children who reside in this home, providing them with the resources they need to lead healthy and empowered lives. 

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