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Njoro Special School


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In Kenya, poverty limits access to suitable education for children with disabilities and threatens their future well-being.

Njoro is an agricultural town where most families rely on farming for their survival. Many children in rural areas of Kenya leave school at an early age to help their families at home, further entangling them in a cycle of poverty. Children with disabilities face additional barriers to success as education and job prospects suited to their unique needs are limited.

Njoro Special School

The Salvation Army’s Njoro Special School prepares children with disabilities for success by providing them with holistic care, life skills training, and access to education and vocational training. As a sponsor, you provide:

Holistic Care

You support healthy child development by providing food, shelter, medical care and social and spiritual guidance.

Life Skills

You help children with disabilities develop self-reliance as they learn how to bathe, wash their clothes and cook.


You prepare children for independence and success through education and vocational training in bead work, shoe repair and hairdressing.

Together, we help children rise above adversity and reach their full potential.

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Your sponsorship provides vulnerable children at Salvation Army children's homes, schools, and community centers with the resources they need so that they can thrive! Your sponsorship directly meets the critical needs of the children (food, shelter, medical care, education and vocational training) at a Salvation Army center and helps fund projects and long-term programs that maximize our impact and ensure we can provide essential services to children for years to come. Your donation will benefit the center of your choice for as long as they are participating in the child sponsorship program but will also meet urgent needs at other centers as they arise.