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Oct 8, 2020

George is a sixty year-old man who has worked in the construction industry his entire life. He lost his work in early December 2019 and has been sleeping in his truck since he lost his Carbondale home. Each time he comes in to ask for a little gas so that he can keep warm at night by periodically starting the truck he tells me how grateful he is that he has a vehicle.

A 17 year old male was at Valley View Cancer Center receiving treatment and the doctors prescribed a medication costing $450 that was not covered by his insurance. We were able to pay for the pill needed contributing to his health and recovery.

A working professional in the medical field visited with her father, a military veteran, and discovered he had not been sent his diabetes medicine from the VA in three weeks. She rushed to the pharmacy and spent over $250 to purchase the medication. The daughter came to the office seeking assistance to pay her heat bill because she had spent the money on her father’s medicine.

The police contacted the office several years ago regarding a man that had committed a crime.  The man served his time in jail, was on the streets homeless due to probation, unable to leave the county, back in jail and after almost two years was completely judicially cleared to leave the county. After, making the appropriate safety checks The Salvation Army was able to send him home to his parents in Missouri.

A disabled woman was living independently in a trailer on her parents’ farm and had her water and sewage pipes freeze and burst. She had been living several months without water before we were contacted and contributed money to what turned into a $4000 dollar repair with materials, digging equipment to access the pipes to the well, and a minimal labor cost. 

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