Deloitte Impact Day Come To L.A. Day Care

May 7, 2018 | by The Salvation Army

Deloitte Interns Spend A Day Painting, Cleaning & Beautifying L.A. Day Care

Deloitte Impact Day Allows Employees To Spend Time Bettering Local Community

The Salvation Army's Los Angeles Day Care has served the low-income community of Downtown's Garment District for generations -- it has existed since 1922 and has held its current location since the 1970s. This tenure has made it a valuable local institution, where 150 kids ages 2 through 5 come to play with their friends, receive nutritious meals, and learn new skills. But with age comes a need to repair, revamp and overall refresh the grounds on a regular basis.

Thanks to Deloitte's Impact Day, a program that enables their employees to spend a day on community service, the L.A. Day Care received a thorough cleaning and refreshing in just a few hours. More than 60 interns converged on the building this past Tuesday with paint rollers, cleaning sprays and working gloves. The exterior walls were given a fresh coat, storage areas were organized or cleared out, and every inch of table and chair was wiped clean. 

"They're wonderful helpers," says Alexander Escobar, a teacher at L.A. Day Care. "It's awesome to see there's a company willing to do this. The volunteers are an awesome bunch of people."

A thorough cleansing may seem like a small maintenance task, but it goes a long way in presenting the L.A. Day Care as a reliable, clean and professional facility. First impressions are important to gaining the trust of parents who want to be sure their kids are receiving top quality care.

"I think it's great the company allows us to take a day off of work and encourages us to give back," said Christian, one of the Deloitte volunteers. "It was a lot of fun, I definitely got to learn how to paint better than I have in the past."

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