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After the Unspeakable, We Speak Hope Image

After the Unspeakable, We Speak Hope

The Salvation Army will be there for you before, during and after disasters.


Disaster Services

In response to a disaster, The Salvation Army works in conjunction with government and non-profit agencies to provide food, personal necessities, and shelter to victims and first responders (i.e. firefighters, police and sheriff's departments). The Salvation Army has traditionally defined itself as the agency of last resort - serving those unable to find help with other agencies. Given this tradition, we ensure that the most vulnerable members of our community including the elderly, those with disabilities, and families with children, receive shelter, food, and assistance with rebuilding their lives.

The Salvation Army is committed to providing disaster services and operates seven service extension and emergency disaster departments in the California South Division. Throughout the year, each facility provides basic social services such as case management and food assistance for families and individuals in need. During times of disaster, the programs utilize our large-scale warehouse in the City of Bell as a base of operations for our disaster fleet of mobile canteens.

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Immediate Emergency Response

Procedurally coordinated response services activated on short notices. The Salvation Army enters an impacted area with food, shelter, hydration, cleanup, and emergency communication assistance to connect victims to their loved ones.

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Long-Term Disaster Recovery

Additional coordinated emergency assistance for impacted areas experiences severe lasting effects. The Salvation Army develops and executes long-term strategic disaster recovery plans with the help of local, state and federal entities.

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Spiritual and Emotional Care

Extended spiritual comfort and emotional support provided upon request to victims and emergency workers coping with the high stress of a catastrophe throughout the duration and/or aftermath of a major disaster.

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