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Never Miss a Chance to Do the Most Good

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Donors giving $1,000 to 4,999 each year are recognized and celebrated with induction into The Salvation Army Alaska’s Red Shield Society—a leadership group of donors whose annual gifts create hope and change lives.  

The purpose of the Red Shield Society is to both acknowledge and to help inform donors who have demonstrated a special commitment to the success of The Salvation Army in Alaska.

Benefits of the Red Shield Society include:

  • Recognition in our Annual Gratitude Report and at special events.
  • Fewer emails and postal mails requesting donations.
  • Invitations to periodic behind-the-scenes program tours
  • Exclusive e-bulletin updates on programs of The Salvation Army Alaska

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2022 Red Shield Society Donors


4-H Cooperative Extension
Air Force Chaplain Corps
Alaska Airlines
Alaska C.H.A.R.R.
Alaska Commercial Company
Alaska Eagles Charity Foundation
Alaskan Memories, LLC
All About Herbs, Inc.
ALPS Federal Credit Union
American Legion Auxiliary
American Legion C. Russell Huber Post 57
American Seafoods Company
Anchorage Downtown Rotary
Anchorage Moose Lodge No.1534
Argent Foundation
Avista Corp.
Baird Foundation Inc.
Bilikin Investment Group, Inc
Boslough Construction Inc.
BPO Elks 420 Gaming
Chapel By The Lake
Chapel of The North
Chilkat Valley Community Foundation
Colony Inn
Cordova Electric Cooperative
Cornerstone Home Care
Davis Constructors & Engineers
Dawson Construction Co.
Doyon Utilities LLC
Du Alaska Incorporated
F.N.B.A. Employees Club
Fraternal Order Of Eagles #4200
GCI Corporate Services
Golden Heart Community Foundation
Hammer & Wikan, Inc
Hugh Grant Company
In Demand Marine, LLC
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 1547 Anchorage
Iron Horse Liquor, Inc.
Jacobsen Family Fund
Jon and Cynthia Dawson Family Foundation
Kenai Peninsula Chapter Safari Club International
Kodiak Bible Chapel
Kodiak Elk’s Lodge, BPOE 1772
Lang Family Fund
Lemon Creek Correctional Ctr.
Loyal Order of Moose #1206 Charitable Gaming Account
Loyal Order of Moose Juneau Lodge Post 700
LPL Financial
Murrison Inc. Scandia House
Northern Enclosures/Matanuska Towing and Recovery, Inc.
Palmer Lions Club
Providence Anchorage 
 Anesthesia Medical Group PC
Rotary Club of Fairbanks
Ruud-Mjos Tributaries Alaska Family Fund
Sitka Legacy Foundation
Sitka Moose Lodge 1350
Sitka Rotary Club Gaming Account
Sitka Volunteer Fire Dept.
Skyeye & Co., LLC
South Anchorage Rotary
Southeast Earthmovers, Inc.
St. Paul Lutheran Church
St. Peters by-the-Sea Episcopal Church
Stantec Consulting Services Inc.
Stutzmann Engineering Associates
Sunshine House Bed and Breakfast
Taiga Mining Company Inc
Teddy’s Tasty Meats Inc.
The American Legion Post #11 - Gaming Account
The Caboose Lounge
The Island Pub
Tyler Fish Co., Inc.
United Way of Tanana Valley
US Food Service
Valley Feed LLC
Vigor Industrial
Walmart Roundup
Wildwood Correctional Center Inmate Council
Wrangell Elks Lodge #1595


Robert Adams
Bill and Sarah Altland
Alan Andersen
Floyd Anderson
Susan Archambault
Donna Bagley
Lorraine Ball
Duane and Carol Bannock
Stanley Barankiewicz
Paul and Robin Barrett
Jimmy Barrick
James Barron
Virginia Bedford
Brent and Dara Beemer
Albert and Beckey Bell
Gerald Bellezza
Dan Berg
Cynthia Berns
Phil and Sharon Berrian
Alyce Bethel
Eugene and Louise Bjornstad
Thomas and Janet Boling
Leonard Bolog
Laura and Lester Bonner
Arthur and Nancy Bors
Soon Ja Boyle
Richard Bradley
Christine Bragg
Jack Brothers
Courtney and Ingrid Brown
Leon “Chip” and Pamela Brown
Melanie Brown
Ellen Brumfield
Jessica Burdick
Howard Burger
Beverly Burnett
Douglas and Bonita Buteyn
Beverly Caldwell
Alice Cameron
Judith Caminer
Nicole Carey
Victor Carlson
Martin and Antje Carlson
Jeffrey Carter
Richard Casciano
Larry and Barbara Cash
Mark and Tonya Caylor
Tyra Chandler
Michael and Barbara Christian
Barbara Clinton
James Cloud
Joab Cochrane
Lance Colbert
William and Mardene Collins
Bruce and Rhonda Conine
Daniel and Lalena Cooper
Mary Lou Couch-Gillam
Mary Croxton
Paul Daggett
Leola Daily
Louise Dawson
Jeffrey De Long
Leslie and Donald Dean
Peter and Joan Degen
John and Georgia Dekeyser
Richard and Camille DeMoss
Mary Knox Dodge
Forrest and Mary Dodson
James and Karen Dorondo
Daniel and Mae Dunsing
Joseph and Rheba Dupras
Peggy Eddy
Joan Edens
Scott and Iwona Edwards
Paula Eller
Robert and Daryl Elliot
Eric and Theresa Engebretsen
Kayla Epstein
Feliverto and Susan Estrada
Richard and Jean Evenson
Larry Fannng
Bob and Diane Fejes
Robin Figueroa
William Finnegan
Bill and Connie Flanders
John Fleming
Dave and Jennifer Fox
Deborah Fox
Eleanor Franke
Bonia Frazier Shewmaker
Timothy and Linda Gallagher
Monique Garbowicz
Susan Garrett
Betty George
Donna Gerwin
Jerelyn Gillespie
Victoria Gilligan
Robert Gilmon
Anthony Glazier
Jason Goins
Dan and Julie Graves
Edith Greene
Warren Griese
Robert Grumblis
Karen Grussendorf
Chris and Jodie Guggenbickler
Steven and Roberta Gulledge
Vern and Debi Hall
Jess Hall
Karen Hallak
Peter and Frances Hallgren
Ernest Hamm
Kim Hansen
James and Mary Hanson
Gordon and Eileen Harang
Michael and Elaine Harpold
Raymond and Ann Hartlieb
Scott Hartman
Kirk Hastain
Gerald and Jill Haugeberg
Ruth Hayes
Lois Hays
Stephen Heideman
William and Cheryl Helkenn
Margy Henderson
Michael Henry
Gerald and Lucy Hepler
Gary Hershberger
Michael Hill
Elizabeth and Harry Holt
Sarah Hoover
Charles and Chrisine Horan
James and Edwina Horn
Joann Horner
David and Charlene Howe
David Hudspeth
Ward and Tuparna Hurlburt
David and Rose Ignell
Larry Ison
Richard and Janice Jackson
William Jacobi
Michael and Deanna James
Thomas and Victoria Jenkins
Robert and Darlene Jens
Sheila Jensen
Wayne and Rita Jensen
Ken Jernstrom
Merrily Jones
Mickey Keller
Keith and Beverly Kelton
Kenneth and Jean Kemmerer
Richard Kennard
Barbara Kennedy
Angelina Kikuchi
Janet Kincaid*
Kenneth and Beth Kincaid
Levi and Ashley Kincaid
Charles and Jimmie King
John Klemzak
Richard Korpela
Ted Kouris
Ron Kovalik
Mark and Linda Kozak
Kerwin Krause
Ken and Annette Kreitzer
Cynthia Krumanaker
Mandy La Rose
Naftali Landau
Barbara Lappala
Patrick and Edna Leamer
Linda Leask
Greg Lebo
Donald and Patricia Lehmann
Steve and Linda Leirer
Phillip and Anna Lestenkof
Jane Levay
Marshall and Lois Lind
Carol Lindsey
Tammi Lindsey
Matthew and Tiffany Lindsey
Kurt and Diana Lindsey
Kristopher Lindsey
Susan Link
John Logsdon
Allan and Allison Long
Richard Lonsdale
Loren Lounsbury
Jerrianne Lowther
Edward Luiten
Leo and Llewellyn Lutchansky
Charles Lybarger
Richard and Roberta Lytle
Beth MacCready
David MacLeod
Margie and Julian MacNeille
Donald Madsen
David Malette
Cheri Marston
Gayle Mathiesen
Gregory and Joan Mattson
Dan and Beverly May
Christine Mcallister
Richard and Michele McCartan
Rick McCay
Gregory McConnell
Samuel  McDaniel
Don and Toni McDermott
John  McManamin
Edward Metro
Mary Midkiff
Marcus and Beverly Miller
Melody Milliken
Mary Molenda
Karen Monell
Christopher Monfor
David and Lynn Moore
Judith and Mike Mora
Leon and Carolyn Mork
Sandy and Stephen Morris
Banu and Rebecca Mufale
Sylvia Munoz
Wayne Murphy
Richelle and Gerald Murphy
John and Norma Neill
Paul and Anne Nelson
Wilbur and Sheryl Nelson
Robert Nelson
David and Laurel Nesje
Julie Neyhart
Bent and Christine Nielsen
Maura and Joseph Odell
Opal Oliver
Andrea Olsen
Donald and Candace Olson
Deborah Ossiander
Lisa Owens
Candace Ozols
Douglas Palmer
Justin and Cheryl Panik
Brian and Cheryl Parker
Alan And Anna Parkinson
Sarah Parsons
Scott and Sara Pate
Suzanne Paulsen
Sandra Peotter
Tommy Perryman
Laurence and Darlene Peterson
Amy Peterson
Tony* and Ruth Pfister
Jeff and Alana Pfundt
Daniel and Debra Phillips
Kristian Pickrell
Edward and Candy Popek
Robert Powers
Elizabeth and Peter Preis
Dennis Purviance
J.R. Purvis
Theodore Quinn
Kyle and Valentine Rader
Larry Rannals
James Rice
Darren Richardson
Allen Risinger
Lee and Merrilee Rohwer
James Rooney
Evan Rose
Gregg Rosenkranz
Janis Rottschafer
Beatrice Rounsley
Ronald and Tracy Russell
Adrian and Amy Ryan
Elizabeth Sabino
William and Elizabeth Saltonstall
Thomas Sardy
Kurt Schelle
Ernest and Rhonda Schlereth
Radene Schroeder
Mike and Kay Schwartz
Carol Scott
Rebecca Sebald
Terry and Dennelle Seetomona
Jerome and Gloria Selby
Terry and Bonnie Sharnbroich
Thomas Shelby
John and Alexandra Shively
Rita Sholton
Stephen and Deanna Sitter
Adrian Slater
Margaret Slife
Sandra Sloat
Linda Smith
Rodney and Lucy Smith
James Smith
Dennis and Sandi Smith
David and Judy Snyder
Gloria Spalinger
Jane Sparks
Charles and Carol Springer
Bill and Sondra Starnes
Howard and Jill Steinhoff
Damien and Mary Stella
James Stuart
Daniel Swift
Roy and Crystal Syren
Theodore Taylor
Patrick and Marilyn Taylor
Janis Taylor
Karen Tegeler
Pam and Gary Therriault
Schulz Thomas
Shannon Thomas
Paul and Mary Thompson
Mark and Shannon Titzel
John and Nancy Todd
Joan Tolstrup
Michael and Barbara Travis
Julia Triplehorn
Clay and Debra Triplehorn, PA-C
Dale and Kathleen Tumey
Paul Umlauf
David Unruh
Mitzi Van Asdlan
Jan and Jeraldine Van Den Top
Willem and Roswitha Van Hemert
Gary and Mary Van Hooser
Jan Van Slyke
Marc and Vikki Vanbuskirk
Don and Anetta Vander Jagt
David and Sophie Vasak
Donna Vaughn
Douglas and Kathryn Veltre
Brett Von Gemmingen
Carol Vondra
Kenneth and Joanna Walch
Stephen Wallace
Graham and Mary Ann Ward
Debra Wickler
Sandra Wicks
Jack and Carol Wilbur
Norman and Kathleen Wilder
Mary Lin Williams
Norman and Luella Wilson
Jocelyn Wilson
Pauline and Robin Wilson
Alan and Rose Wolf
Johnny and Alice Womac
Pete Woodson
Karen Workman
Maya Yasko
Richard Yon
Ed and Terrie Zehrung