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Introducing the
Stretch IRA Protection "SIP" Trust! 

Many people have built up large amounts of assets in their IRAs.
After your lifetime, how will these assets impact the people who inherit them? 

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Save your Stretch IRA Protections for your family

Leaving large sums to others can be beneficial or sometimes cause problems.  What happens to the money if they receive a lump sum? Will they be able to manage the money well?  Will there be unforeseen circumstances such as debt, divorce, or market fluctuations that could deplete all the funds?

In the past the “lifetime” stretch feature protected those inheriting IRA assets. They were able to stretch out payments over their entire life, thereby protecting the IRA’s principal value.

The Secure Act has now limited that protection to 10 years, except for spouses and a few other exempt groups.  All other beneficiaries must receive all the IRA assets within 10 years
after the death of the original owner.

Don't let TAXES consume 50% of your family's inheritance

  Annual Income Annual Income and Lump Sum Distribution*
  $100,000 $1,100,000
 Fed Tax Bracket  24%  $24,000  37.0%  $407,000
 CA Tax Bracket  9.3%  $9,300  12.3%  $135,300
 Taxes    $33,300    $542,300
 Net Income  $66,700 $567,700
*Withdrawals from a Traditional IRA can push you into a higher tax bracket, and those
withdrawals are taxed as ordinary income.

Instead PROTECT your family's inheritance

Stretch IRA Protection Trust Concept
Parents establish a SIP Trust for adult child and spouse (ages 68) plus 3 grandchildren.
Features: Two-Life plus 20 Years
Funding Value (IRA Value) $1,000,000
Payout Rate 5.00%
Beginning Annual Payout $50,000
Projected Payout at Maturity* $110,000
Charitable Tax Deduction for Estate $300,000
Total Income to Family over Lifetime $3,600,000
Impact Gift to Your Community** $2,000,000
*Income may vary annually as assets grow tax-free within the Trust
**Gift to charity after lifetime of all beneficiaries

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The SIP TRUST Provides:

  • Lifetime secure income for heirs
  • Protection for family's inheritance
  • Assets grow tax-free within the Trust
  • Variable Payments
  • Payments to multiple beneficiaries
  • Reduced inheritance taxes
  • Easy no-cost setup
  • Peace of mind for you and your family

Signifinantly increase your gift to your family and impact your community

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