Stories of Hope

The children involved in our programs across the globe have stories to share! Stories of transformation, rescue, healing & hope. Read their stories and learn more about how your sponsorship changes lives:

Overseas Child Sponsorship program shows impact

Nazmin grew up initially on the outskirts of Mazatlan, Mexico, in the community of Felicidad. Here homes are constructed haphazardly from discarded materials, drug and alcohol abuse are common, children stop attending school early, many remaining illiterate all their lives, and girls become pregnant in their early teens, ending up with a household of children as a single parent. When Nazmin was 5, her mother was invited to Home League, a fellowship group for women, at The Salvation Army Children's Home located just outside Felicidad. The Salvation Army Officers overseeing the home quickly discovered the family's situation and invited Claudia to register her children to live at the home. 11 years later, Nazmin shares about her experience growing up in the Children's Home. 

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Sponsored child looks to pay it forward

Pâmella was born in a shanty town community called 'Fishermen's Village,' in Cubatão, São Paulo, where drug trafficking and poverty prevailed for many families. When she was 6 years old, she started to attend The Salvation Army project, which provides an after-school program for children in the community with a variety of programs including education and music activities. As a direct result of over a decade of being positively impacted by The Salvation Army, she is in training to become a Salvation Army Officer, determined to impact lives just as hers was.

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