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We're called to serve our future, our youth Image

We're called to serve our future, our youth

The Salvation Army's youth programs serve as an oasis for children in troubled neighborhoods.

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Youth Services

Gangs and youth violence continue to be a growing concern in Southern California. The Salvation Army's youth programs address these issues by serving as an oasis for children in troubled neighborhoods. By working with teens and pre-teens, our staff is committed to helping children overcome adversity and extricate them from the cycle of violence. Children in urban communities are facing a number of obstacles including poverty, violence, overcrowded and failing schools, as well as the temptation of drugs and illegal activities. According to the Office of National Drug Control Policy, youth who are supervised and involved in structured activities are less likely to engage in risky behaviors, such as abusing drugs & alcohol, and carrying weapons, than unengaged youth.

Youth Centers and After School Programs

The Salvation Army's youth programs provide low-income under served-children and their families with a supportive structured program to help them make positive life choices and become productive adults. The youth served by these programs are encouraged to participate in a variety of sports, clubs and other activities. Children also have the opportunity to explore their talents in dance, art, and music. Finally, our staff work one-on-one with children to provide homework assistance and counseling, in addition to encouraging parents to take an active role in their children's lives. Programs include Hollywood Weingart Center, South LA, Siemon Center, LA Red Shield, Glendale the Zone, and Henley Youth Center in Tustin Ranch.

Licensed Child Care Programs

The Salvation Army offers licensed pre-school and after-school services in Santa Barbara, Torrance, Santa Fe Springs, West Los Angeles, Pomona, South Los Angeles, Tustin Ranch and Central Los Angeles.

Programs That Foster Development

Bessie Pregerson Child Development Center

State licensed preschool program emphasizing early childhood development and instruction.

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Anaheim Red Shield

Recreation center serving the youth, family and senior population of Anaheim.

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Camp Lawrence Daley at Mt. Crags, Camp Gilmore, and Camp Wilderness

Life changing summer camp experiences for up to 2,000 children every summer at Camp Gilmore.

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Henley Youth Center

Youth Center helping children develop emotional, spiritual and physical skills.

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LA Daycare Center

The Salvation Army's Los Angeles Daycare Center has been providing daycare for the children of low-income parents.

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LA Red Shield

Community center with multifaceted programs offering to tutor in math, reading, and writing and computer education.

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Santa Ana Youth Center

Community center providing onsite programs such as homework assistance, counseling, sports, clubs, and more.

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Siemon Center

Academic classes for children aged seven to seventeen including tutoring, SAT Prep and a reading club.

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The Way In

The Way In was founded to help children escape Hollywood street life and provide a home-like environment.

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Weingart Center

Youth Center providing for youths physical and educational needs and limited Adult/Senior education.

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